Healthy Eating & Hormonal Balance

Can Healthy Eating Help With My Hormones?

Our bodies are complex, adaptable, and intelligently created systems. And yet, if something goes out of balance, we tend to treat only that one specific part or organ. With “Healthy Eating & Hormonal Balance” I offer a 6-week-coaching program during which you learn about the diverse functions of your endocrine system, and how what we eat influences everything. How do your glands and organs such as your liver, brain, pancreas, breasts, skin, and intestines interact with each other? In the program we take a holistic look at how amazing our human body is set up.

Complex Doesn’t Have To Mean Complicated

Does learning about each organ’s anatomical specifics separated make you feel overwhelmed? Living healthy and feeling fabulous don’t have to be complicated. I believe that maintaining good health follows the same simple and universal principles for almost any condition you may experience. 

You are invited to learn or deepen your understanding of how good physical health supports mental and emotional wellbeing, and vice versa. Eating is something we all do every day. Therefore make what you put into your body count.

“Healthy Eating & Hormonal Balance” invites you to learn:

  • why and how to maintain an alkaline pH,
  • how to prepare meals that supply your glands with vitamins, trace elements, and fatty acids that enhance hormone production naturally,
  • how to balance being active and resting within a modern lifestyle.

Everything Is In Constant Flux

Our moods, our thoughts and also our physical needs change every day.  While one day you may long for warming already the next day you want cooling food. Similarly your needs for stimulating or calming foods change from day to day. Your system works constantly to maintain a certain body temperature, stable pH of your extracellular fluids, or the concentrations of glucose (sugar) in the blood plasma. Each of these properties is regulated by a separate “homeostat”.

Your body is designed to maintain balance. However what you are doing or what you are eating determines if our system has to work harder or easier to get this job done. If your lifestyle doesn’t support your body, your organs and glands can become overworked. Hence you may experience symptoms of adrenal fatigue, low sex drive, diabetes, or disrupted sleep.

Chakras And Glands

This program teaches about chakras and your glands. Thus you learn about Western and Eastern concepts and approaches of how to live optimal. 

Six Weeks To Reset Your Hormones

During the 6-week-program we make the connection between healthy eating, mental and emotional balance, and bio-energetic rhythms. The program includes weekly educational lectures about our hormonal glands and weekly meal plans focussing on eating for detox. You learn why cleansing the liver is so crucial, and why healing the gut is always the best we can do for longterm wellbeing. There are additional focus lessons on using adaptogenic herbs, eating right to support your endocrine system, plant-based cooking and fermentation classes, guided meditations to lower cortisol and adrenaline, tips for which (blood) tests to get done, and much more. The next program will start on August 18th, 2017.