The Color Green

The Color Green is the current working title for my new book, to be published with Balboa/Hay House by the end of this year, about women’s health. The book put forward an integrative approach to breast cancer prevention comprising hormone balancing, plant-based diet, energy healing, and spiritual guidance.

As women we are life-bearers. That is a sacred and beautiful role, allowing us a deeply rooted understanding of the connection between unconditional love and affirmation of life. We are equipped with everything we need to conceive and grow and give life: our female bodies with their divinely encrypted timeline on how things build upon each other; a fine intuition which helps us to make wise choices for our families;  the powerful position as being the Mama – the one who feeds and nourishes her loved ones. Modern society has made so many of us believe that we only live our true purpose when we have successful careers, that we don’t need to live healthy because for any medical problem there is a pharmaceutical fix, and most of all, we don’t need to waste our precious lifetime with being there for our children but they can be sent off to daycare as early as being six weeks old. What if I was to tell you that all that are lies? It doesn’t have to be one or the other – the outdated, old-fashioned role-model of a woman as homemaker or the modern, well-educated professional. Today more than ever being successful as a mom, requires to be educated, and organized, and being able to take full advantage of the conveniences of our modern society while staying connected to and conscious about our inner, ancient wisdom, which teaches us that every true, loving sacrifice returns as multifold blessings.

The new book will cover updated research on topics such as:

  • overcoming cancer
  • hormonal balance and diet – with special emphasis on thyroid, adrenals, and breasts
  • chakras and our endocrine system
  • how to best cope with the blues – turning anxiety and depression into a joyful purposeful life
  • guided meditation, breathing exercises, recipes, uses of herbs, and rituals to support your feminine power to come into full bloom.