Hi, please meet the team.

Manja Podratz, DNM, Ph.D.

Hi, I'm Dr. Manja, Board-Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine and Amen-Clinic Certified Brain-Health Coach, and founder of MANYA Whole Health & Yoga. I'm also a Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga teacher, and Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider.
I offer coaching programs focused on holistic cancer prevention, hormone balancing, trauma release, and brain-based wellness.
I'm certified and available as a medical and legal interpreter for German/English.

Michelle Lawless, LMT

Hi, I'm Michelle, licensed Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner.
I'm also certified in Cranio-Sacral Therapy and RoHun Therapy.
I specialize in interpersonal work by combining physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual practices. I have been empowering my clients to achieve optimum wellness in their lives since 2009.

Manja's Journey

In my early twenties, I got diagnosed with uterine cancer and my doctor suggested surgery. That didn’t go along with the vision I had for my life. I knew with certainty that I wanted to be a mom.

And that vision – seeing myself as a mom – became my big motivation.

I changed my life dramatically and started plant-based eating and mindful living. And I healed myself from cancer. Today, I am a mom of three healthy and smart children plus two beautiful bonus children. Throughout my life, failures met insights, tears met joy, trauma met healing including restoring my body after multiple fractures of my spine and overcoming PTSD after a severe physical assault. Learning how the physical, mental, vital energy, and spiritual bodies are connected and how to address them holistically, equipped me to help others on their healing journey.

Michelle’s Journey

My customized approach helps clients to become more grounded in their bodies, take better care of themselves, and develop healthier relationships with the external world.

I know all too well how challenging the path to optimal health and healing can be.  In 2004-2011, I struggled with poor health, misdiagnoses, and the frustration that comes with feeling powerless.

With a mind-body-spirit approach to learning and wellness, I was able to reverse the chronic illness symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and Asthma.  Along the path to health, my total wellness approach provided the insights and confidence to help others live the full life that is our destiny.

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We are here to help you create a lifestyle that supports optimal health.

Books and Publications

Wake Up. Miracles of Healing from Around the World,” (2021) – a collection of healing miracles shared by doctors, scientists, and healers including Joe Dispenza, Mariel Hemingway, and Patrick Porter. Amazon bestseller.

 “An Anthology of Non-Conformism! Rebel Wom!n: Words, Ways & Wonders,” – this peer-reviewed anthology brings academics, artists, and researchers together to share both brave and beautiful contributions to womenhood in various cultures in today’s ever-changing world.

Das Leben kennt den Weg,” (2006, Germany) – a book about plant-based eating, pregnancy, and natural childbirth. This book started a wave of feedback from women – moms, midwives, women with cancer, women with hormonal imbalances and fertility issues, and nurses – and let me to design retreats and wellness programs to help women live their best, healthy lives. 

Von mir aus … Bewegter Leib – Fluechtiger Raum,” (2008, Germany) – a study about the architectural movement space drawing on philosophies about movement, the makeup of the human body, and how we co-create and perceive the urban space taking historic concepts by Leonardo da Vinci, Le Corbusier, Oskar Schlemmer, and Mies van der Rohe into account.