MANYA Whole Health and Yoga offers guidance and nourishment to body, mind, and soul. Yoga, meditation, and non-invasive, drug-free natural approaches to whole health meet state-of-the-art biohacking tools.

Hormone Balancing 

Holistic Breast Cancer Prevention

Detox and Nutritional Guidance

Gut Microbiome Health

Functional medicine lab testing

Brain Fitness for better focus, memory, and sleep 


Brainwave monitoring

HRV training

Neurofeedback training

Coaching based on the Amen Clinics model

Flexible schedule

Personalized style, level, and pace


Fascia Release


Therapeutic massage 

Restorative massage

Sound healing

Yoga and meditation 

Women Empowerment


Spiritual Growth

Presentations and Coaching

Motivation Mindset

Stress Management

Corporate Retreats

Healing from trauma and PTSD 

Regression Sessions

Hypnotherapy and NLP

Initiate lasting and positive change

Psychospiritual therapy 

Guided process to

release blockages and limiting beliefs

Connect to life’s purpose



Applied Kinesiology


Ready to get started?

We offer the tools needed to help you implement healthy lifestyle choices: herbal remedies and supplements, yoga, bodywork, and energy healing modalities to release blockages and recalibrate your body and mind to keep you healthy now and as you get older