Running a company and going to work every day are supposed to do more than merely help us survive. We put in time and effort to strive for more. Now, this logic of going from ‘surviving’ to ‘striving’ is the old recipe for burnout.

Today, more and more organizations are recognizing the value of corporate wellness programs. The old ‘striving’ has been replaced with an emphasis on ‘thriving.’

Why should every employer invest in a corporate wellness program? Benefits include:

  • enhanced employee morale and productivity
  • enhanced team relationships
  • stress reduction and decreased absenteeism
  • improved employee health
  • higher employee retention and new talent recruiting.

At MANYA we apply the holistic model of taking health, social, economic, personal, mental, and spiritual aspects into account when evaluating a client’s state of well-being, and we have developed a system to bring this model into corporate settings to help all members of the team feel seen, heard, and supported.

Services include

  • yoga classes
  • mindfulness and meditation practices
  • brain-based wellness programs
  • stress management programs
  • nutritional consultation
  • motivation mindset coaching

Formats can include:
  • one-time presentations
  • regular, weekly classes
  • one-on-one and group coaching
  • half-day workshops on team building, support for focus and memory, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, solution-oriented thinking, or how to overcome procrastination
  • full-service, multi-day retreats

Contact us and let’s talk about how to shift your team from striving to thriving!