Read what people are saying about their experience of working with me. 

Manja is patient, kind and well versed in each aspect of her practice. I have experienced her reiki sessions for two years and have come to rely on those sessions to help ground me. I also participate in weekly yoga practice with her to exercise my mind and body. Needless to say, I highly recommend Manja and the services she provides for wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Cathy D. reviewed Yoga and Energy Healing

I have been seeing Manja for three years. It started with Reiki and I was hooked instantly. I was curious about balancing my chakras and releasing negative energy, along with managing stress. I was amazed at the connection I felt, and her unique gifts. Manja could put into words how I was feeling and what I was thinking but was unable to understand about my body and verbalize. Manja has partnered with me on my wellness journey, and I am thankful we met. I practice yoga once a week with Manja, and I have also attended her Women’s Empowerment Retreat in Belize! Life changing! I have recommended my friends interested in Reiki to Manja, and my company has trusted Manja with leading our team building retreats. Her education and passion has led her into her true calling where she shines bright! I am forever changed and forever grateful! Manja continues to guide me and encourage me, always inspiring me with her wisdom, and always reminding me to be kind to myself!

Brandy G. reviewed Women Empowerment Retreat and Reiki

 I am an organic farmer with a spinal injury that leaves me in chronic pain. This last Christmas, I found myself bed-ridden in agony, so I made an appointment with Manja in hopes of finding some relief. She attentively tended to my pain from Biomat-therapy to acupuncture (needles and ear seeds), and what I believe to be her specialty, Reiki. After a session with Manja during the cold winter months, she left me feeling as if I have been bathing in warm sunlight. Her soothing touch and healing hand brought me much relief and comfort, and within a couple of weeks I was back at work on the farm. Now, with regular sessions, my pain management is under control without the use of pharmaceuticals and all through holistic practices, healing energies, and a prescribed live-food diet.

      I cannot recommend Manja enough. If you feel like modern medicine has let you down with pain management or you are just looking for a life coach in general and are ready to go the holistic route, give Manja a call you won’t regret it she will gracefully guide u through the holistic journey helping you bring back into balance mind, body and spirit!

George R. (Panagia Farms) reviewed Auriculotherapy and Energy Healing

For more than two years, since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Manja has accompanied me, from a distance online. Manja is a wonderful, and strong woman who loves life and deeply trusts in the life force energy and light in us. Based on this trust that in our bodies, in trillions of cells, life is bursting, and on her personal healing journey from cancer, she provides guidance in a way that gives me goose bumps.

Manja lovingly encourages me over and over again to go my way, to be present where I am, face my fears, and keep taking the next step to support my healing. I am always amazed at the commitment, the calling and the naturalness with which she manages to share her knowledge and experience with me. I feel encouraged by Manja to keep going, to face my obstacles, to accept, to let go, to lovingly care for myself and to nourish myself well.

She not only supports with valuable information about healthy eating and supplements, but also with guided meditations, hypnotic trances, breath work and other exercises, affirmations, relationship work and overcoming limiting beliefs. And she reminds me to do all that work from a place of love. Even when trying to understand the medical findings and blood work results, Manja was a valuable advisor to me. This was the support I needed to be able to go to doctor’s appointments with more background information, feeling better prepared.

I am so grateful to Manja for her company and her constant reminders that we are far more than our bodies and that our thoughts influence our feelings and thus our physical wellbeing. Thank you, dear Manja, for reminding me that no matter how severe the diagnosis is or  how much fear paralyzes me, healing is always possible! That feels so good and is the opposite of working with fear.

I can only wish everyone who is looking for their own personal way out of the crisis into self-empowerment, to look for Manja as support, who is warm-hearted, honest, knowledgeable, and compassionate.

As a coach, Manja combines theory and practice, experience and wisdom, naturalness and empathy in a very special way, regardless of where you are in your life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Manja.

Nadine F. reviewed Health Coaching and Energy Healing

My short, but remarkably fulfilling experience with Manja has carried me far. At the outset I knew her strength, wisdom and compassion were going to fill that very large hole that opened up in me at my husband’s death. The Women’s Empowerment Yoga Retreat seemed to come when my feelings were too raw and fresh. Yet, the timing was essential. I had the opportunity to share my story and pain with Manja as well as my new yoga sisters. Through Manja’s many tools, my healing began at the outset. But, that was not all. This remarkable woman sent us all off with gifts to guide us. She has continued to guide us and bind us as sisters. I feel so fortunate to have found her and especially at a time I wasn’t sure that I was ready for anything. Manja understood this and employed her many talents gained through years of training and experience.

I look forward to our intertwining journeys. I anticipate continued benefit from all of her endeavors, not the least of which will be a new manuscript.

Debra V. reviewed Women Empowerment Retreat in Belize

I had had panic attacks since the age of five. Many doctors, many medications. I had never heard of Reiki, but a trusted and dear friend thought it would be good for me to try! I went with her and met Manja, and my life was forever changed that day. I have been off of all medication, and no panic attacks. I barely even recognize the anxiety anymore. Manja is a true healer, and each session I have with her has brought me forward in my journey more rapidly than I had ever imagined I could do. I am more grounded and balanced in everyday life. The things I thought I could never bring myself to do in a day, I do without hesitation. She has helped me become the very best version of myself. She has so much more to offer than just sessions for anxiety, but I thought there was no hope left for me until Reiki healing! It’s peaceful, beautiful, and spiritual. If you want to start the journey to your truth, and have felt your life can’t get better- I put my heart and soul into the recommendation to see Manja! The blessings just keep rolling in! Thank you, Manja ?

Crystal B. reviewed Reiki sessions, Regression therapy, and Hypnotheray

Manja is a magical combination of teacher, pixie, philosopher and warrior all wrapped up in one amazingly warm heart.  I signed up for her Sicily retreat, solely on the recommendation of a mutual friend, expecting lots of yoga and hoping for good food, new friends and some time for introspection. It was so much more!  Manja’s passion for life and for helping her students uncover blockages so they can live theirs to the fullest is remarkable.  I am forever changed and forever grateful.

Judy S. reviewed Yoga and Healing Retreat in Sicily

I love the transformation I’ve gone through since I first began getting Reiki sessions with Manja several months ago. I decided it was time for me to embark on a personal journey- who I was and my purpose in life. I wanted to contribute more of myself to the world than just balancing work and home life. I knew I was capable of more than just settling for the life I was told I should live. My perspective on life changed and I began seeing the bigger picture. Time is a currency and it should be valuable. I want to spend my time growing, becoming the best version of myself. I want to live a fulfilling life and share my happiness to inspire others. But change takes work. There are questions, doubt, limitations subconsciously placed upon ourselves and Reiki has helped to shed light on all of the baggage I carry around. Manja has helped me let go of ideas and emotions that no longer served a purpose for my life. She has guided me by healing emotional scars that I buried deep down for years because I was too afraid to face them on my own. And I was able to finally let go and give up the power I was allowing them to have over my life. Her work has helped me in numerous ways along my transformation. My life has opened up to so many possibilities of abundance for me and the future. I no longer feel like a robot who’s variety l batteries have run low. I suggest to anyone searching for more out of life to take time out of your day and invest in yourself.

Thank you for all that you’ve done in assisting me in my transformation. I couldn’t imagine doing it without you. 

Lauren M. reviewed Reiki session and Chakra balancing

I had the pleasure of getting to know Manja on a Yoga Retreat in Sicily in the Fall of 2018.  The week was transformational in so many ways for me.

Yoga every day, the breathtaking scenery and day trips and most importantly the group and one on one time with Manja. Her gifts are endless and her unique way of bringing self actualization is uncanny – like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

I filled a journal that week with many things I still reference and share with friends.  I hold fondly our talks and my first Reiki session which brought me much clarity on many points in my life. I have kept in touch with Manja since the retreat and am happy to call her my friend.  She spent time with me after the trip helping me through some difficult work and life moments.  And I was so happy to see her again in June of 2019 for a “mini retreat” weekend in Atlanta where I was able to once again connect with this wonderful woman of faith, healing and love.


I cherish any time, email or conversation with Manja – she truly has spiritual and healing gifts that have had a profound impact on my life. I look forward to spending time with her again this year! 

Michelle S. reviewed Yoga and Healing Retreat in Sicily, yoga and life coaching

Manja offered a 6-week course that has really helped me to think of nutrition and health in a new light. Although I usually eat fairly healthy, what she taught has given me new insight into eating cleaner and developing healthier habits. I now eat much greener, cleaner, and use far less sugar and dairy. Manja is intelligent, funny, and goes out of her way to provide information to each class member on an individual basis. I highly recommend her class to those who are seeking help with personal health issues or for those who just want to learn more about a healthier lifestyle.

Cindy D. reviewed Diet & Hormonal Balance group coaching program

Manja is incredible! She’s well studied and knows how to convey the message to folks that do not speak a “healthy” language. She is genuine and truly concerned about every person. Don’t waste your time going to doctors unless you truly need to do so. Manja will help you regain your health or meet you where you are on your journey to wellness. Thank you Manja!

Jill H. reviewed Life and Health Coaching

I did a six week Diet and Hormonal Balance class with Manja. I learned so much and have made some very positive changes to my diet thanks to Manja. I really appreciated how Manja shared her knowledge and experiences with us, and also tailored her discussions to our specific needs and issues. Her concern for us is genuine and real.

Sharon M. reviewed Diet & Hormonal Balance group coaching program

I wanted to thank you Manja for a wonderful weekend in Destin at her yoga retreat. I am on the go with so many responsibilities and I rarely take the time to relax. (I realize now) At Manja’s retreat, I was able to use her theme of inner space meets the open sky to help me refresh and come back with a new outlook. In this intimate setting we felt supported; mind body and spirit. Nutritionally with excellent meals, teas and snacks, with all the amenities for the body (including Reiki session) breathe practices, asana practice, and nourishment for my soul in meditation and yoga Nidra. Plus plenty of free time to read, relax in the hot tub, at the beach, and engage in enlightening conversation. I feel more equipped now to face my busy schedule with greater knowledge on how to handle stress. Much gratitude 

Linda W. C. reviewed Yoga Retreat

Manja and I met, working on easing my long-term issues with depression. The work on unresolved issues from my past helped me immensely. Manja was very calming, instructive and professional. I highly recommend her coaching for anyone with anxiety, depression or any other difficult issues.

June A. reviewed Life Coaching

She is the best. Very soft spoken with a powerful energy. Very intelligent and enlightening.

Rachel A. reviewed Reiki sessions

I have taken Vinyasa and Yoga Nidra meditation classes from Manja and every class has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Her patience, intuition and spirituality are unsurpassed. I have known Manja for several years and can safely say that she is one of a kind, truly a joy to know and learn from.

David R. reviewed Yoga Classes

Had a phone conversation with her and you can literally feel her energy coming through the phone. I am very excited to meet her. She is very soft spoken and makes you feel at ease just by her soothing voice.

Brent C. reviewed Hypnotherapy

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