MANYA is located at 109 Upham Street, Mobile, AL 36607.

At MANYA, a variety of yoga styles is offered. The regular classes are taught in vinyasa, hatha, and yin style. Yoga Nidra is offered as monthly Sunday afternoon classes. 

Private Yoga Classes are available by appointment.

Private, one-on-one classes

No matter, if you are recovering from injury or cancer treatment, seeking to deepen your yoga practice through advanced breathwork, ashtanga asana, and meditation, or if you simply need a flexible schedule, private classes can accommodate your fitness level and schedule while providing customized, compassionate yet focused guidance. 

Couples Yoga

For couples, private yoga classes can offer a meaningful time of deeper connection, laughter, partner yoga movement, and relaxation.

Corporate Yoga 

Yoga can be a valuable part of a more comprehensive or short-term corporate wellness, stress management, and motivation mindset coaching program. Talk to Dr. Manja about designing a regular program or one-time event for your group!

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