I dare to say that we all know that a sick stomach and an infected ear hurt. However, we have a hard time “sensing” our brain. That is because we confuse the thinking mind with our physical brain. You may think, “I’m fine. I can push through this stressful week.” But, for example during times of prolonged stress, the brain suffers, which we notice only down the road in the form of impaired cognitive function, brain fog, poor memory, sleep disorders, and mood swings.

When your brain is troubled, many aspects of your life start having trouble too. With a healthy brain, you can enjoy happier relationships, a balanced mood, better focus, and, thus, more success and fulfillment in your life. 

The coaching process starts with an in-depth questionnaire and then we develop an action plan for you together. 

Brain Health Coaching is right for you if you seek help with: 

  • Memory; improve your memory, reverse early signs of dementia, prevent Alzheimer’s
  • ADD/ADHD; can be healed naturally in children and adults
  • Depression, anxiety, and anger; you deserve to feel better
  • Automatic negative thoughts; let me teach you proven techniques to release limiting beliefs
  • Focus – gain and maintain mental stamina and clarity
  • Traumatic brain injury; recover after accidents
  • Chemo-brain; recovery support after cancer treatment
  • Sleeping disorders; re-learn to sleep soundly through the night
  • Hormonal balance; neurotransmitter and hormone balance are linked closely. At MANYA, we can combine holistic health and brain health coaching into one comprehensive program

Are you ready to get started?

The good news is that the brain can heal. With the right steps, we can grow new neural pathways, improve neurotransmitter balance and blood circulation in the brain. Brain Health Coaching offers the help needed to guide you back on track and help implement lifestyle choices to keep the brain healthy now and as you age.

Over the years, I was able to help hundreds of clients including veterans, women who had experienced sexual assault, teenagers and adults with ADD, hard-working individuals with chronic stress and depression, cancer patients, and women with hormonal imbalances to overcome their challenges and get back to living their lives fully.

I am here to help you identify the underlying causes of your symptoms and how they can be overcome. You may be surprised to learn how many imbalances can be overcome naturally, helping you win your mental clarity and balanced mood back! 

Brain health is not just limited to overcoming or preventing mental illness. If your brain functions optimally, you can stay focused while studying or working, stay calm under pressure, and sleep more restfully. Needless to say that brain health is an important aspect of holistic health and fitness coaching. The effects on our all-over sense of wellbeing are countless.

Brain health coaching services can be combined with:

  • hypnotherapy and NLP
  • supplements
  • auriculotherapy
  • breathwork
  • neurofeedback training
  • HRV monitoring and training
  • and results can be monitored via EEG and lab work. 

Dr. Amen identified 16 brain types.

Would you like to know yours?