Auriculotherapy is a form of reflexology that stimulates acupressure points on the ear via ear seeds and/or red light and/or very gentle electrical stimulation.

It can be used effectively as a non-invasive modality to support focus, mood, stress reset, sleep, pain, PTSD, joint and sciatica pain, nervous ticks, and migraine headaches.


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality practiced by channeling energy through the hands. Reiki is a gentle, deeply relaxing modality that is used to balance chakras, provide nurturing during times of grief, help with chronic stress, improves sleep, and can be part of a more comprehensive coaching program where the client needs help implementing lifestyle by overcoming negative self-talk first. Reiki can be combined with sound and crystal healing and regression sessions.

Far-infrared and negative ion therapy

Experience soothing relief from chronic pain by scheduling time on the Biomat. The Biomat is an advanced biohacking tool that offers far-infrared therapy that stimulates blood circulation in the body and reduces inflammation. Additionally, negative ions from the Biomat and our Himalayan salt wall support tissue regeneration and deep rest. For small injuries or locally contained pain, the Flexbeam red-light device can be added to any session at MANYA.


Yoga teaches a variety of pranayama / breathwork techniques. Additionally, Dr. Manja teaches hand and eye movement techniques to reset the brain. Breathwork can be used to calm but also to invigorate body and mind. For therapeutic purposes, Dr. Manja teaches techniques that stimulate the Vagus nerve. Outcomes can be experienced and monitored via heart-rate variability and EEG measurements.