Private yoga may be the right option for you if are recovering from an injury and not ready to go back to group classes yet but want to use yoga to help with your recovery.

Many of my private students appreciate the flexibility in scheduling. You can request to practice whenever it fits your schedule! 

And of course, private yoga classes can be customized to match

  • your fitness level – we can go as gentle or strong as you like,
  • yoga style – hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, yin/restorative, and Nidra, and
  • interest in pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, and spiritual growth.

Contact me to discuss how yoga, mindfulness, and brain-based wellness can enhance your corporate retreat!

Let’s talk about a customized corporate wellness program for your company.

Private yoga sessions can also be booked for couples both as regular classes or as a special date night where you enjoy partner yoga, guided relaxation, and deep connection away from the distractions of the daily life.

Private classes can optionally be enhanced with sound healing, far infrared therapy, aromatherapy, negative ion salt therapy, and Reiki during savasana.