Hypnotherapy is a proven modality that can be used to help you implement certain changes into your life. I use the gentle yet effective Milton Erickson method to guide you into a deep, relaxed trance and incorporate powerful neurolinguistic programming to initiate lasting transformation. Hypnotherapy can help if you would like to quit sugar, quit drinking alcohol, let go of negative self-talk and imposter syndrome, or boost your focus and confidence for the next job interview. In combination with a holistic health coaching program, it can help you implement dietary changes and a healthy exercise regimen. In combination with brain health coaching, applied kinesiology, and breath work, it can help you overcome trauma and PTSD. In combination with energy healing and regression work, it can help you show up more fully and with greater clarity of your purpose in life.

Typically, a series of three to eight sessions is recommended for optimal results.

In addition to in-person, customized hypnotherapy sessions, you are welcome to loan (or purchase) a BrainTap headset and listen to pre-recorded guided trances and meditations. BrainTap recordings are encoded with binaural beats that modulate brainwaves in a specific way. Contact us to inquire about special offers and discounts for BrainTap.

Hypnotherapy sessions can be a standalone service or can be combined with aromatherapy, auriculotherapy, sound healing, and Reiki. 

Within the framework of a brain health coaching program, your brainwaves can be monitored via EEG to get more clarity on what area needs support (through supplement, targeted brain training, sleep) or healing (through gentle trauma coaching, yoga Nidra, reflexology).

Below is a recorded guided meditation for you to listen to at your own convenience. Enjoy!

Are you ready to participate in your wellbeing?