With a comprehensive background in integrative and functional medicine, Dr. Manja creates holistic health coaching programs that combine healthy eating, the use of herbs and supplements, yoga, energy medicine, and mindset coaching. 

My focus is women’s wellness. I use functional lab tests, for example, HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis), the DUTCH Complete test, and GI-mapping to monitor the results of the coaching programs, which feature a strong emphasis on holistic breast cancer prevention but I also help women navigate perimenopause, overcome PCOS, PMS, and adrenal exhaustion.

Of course, I am here for you even if you have been diagnosed with breast (or any other) cancer and have been undergoing treatment already. I would be happy to collaborate with your treating doctor to develop an integrative medicine support system for you. 

What is the quantum medicine approach?

It starts with me helping you find your crystal-clear vision of what being healthy means, looks, and feels like to you. Together, we design an action plan that helps you bring that vision into reality by eliminating poor habits and things that threaten your well-being and implementing healthy choices into your daily life. Along the way, I help you master your inner game by erasing limiting beliefs, transforming outdated habits, updating your mindset, and developing an exercise, dietary, and self-care regimen that matches your schedule. 

All parts of the regimen work synergistically to nurture emotional healing, foster a growth mindset, shift your body into thriving mode, and empower you to be your best self!

What we eat does not just supply calories but information for every cell in our body. The same is true for our thoughts and beliefs, the words we speak, the way we breathe, the water we drink, and the actions we take daily. My whole health approach aims to restore homeostasis on the spiritual, mental, vital energy, and physical levels.

Besides personal and VIP coaching, I also offer individual detox sessions for liver and gut health, recovery after mold and heavy metal exposure, weight loss programs, and programs to support endocrine balance, blood sugar balance, and healthy cholesterol levels.

Available individual focus sessions:

* lifestyle and dietary consultation

* herbal supplements consultation

* in-house castor oil wraps

* hypnotherapy

* auriculotherapy

All focus sessions can be combined with:

* far-infrared therapy

* aromatherapy

* salt therapy

Are you ready to get started?