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As a Certified Brain Health Coach, I help my clients to overcome trauma, depression, ADD, anxiety, addiciton, and other obstacles in their lives that hinder them from being happy and successful.

As an energy healer, I enable my clients to heal from past trauma, develop healthy coping skills and appreciate all their emotions, grow spiritually, and realize their full potential. 

I hold a Ph.D. in Media Studies, a Ph.D. in Theory of Architecture, and a B.A. in Cultural Studies and Arts Management. For 11 years, I taught college courses in aesthetics and conception of new media, environmental ethics, existentialism, and rhetorics of architecture at Universities in Germany, Italy, and the United States.

So why did I start coaching? 

In my early twenties, I got diagnosed with uterine cancer. That didn’t go along with the vision I had for my life. I knew with certainty that I wanted to be a mom.

And that vision – seeing myself as a mom – became my big motivation.

I changed my life dramatically, started plant-based eating and mindful living. And I healed myself from cancer. Today I am a mom of three healthy and smart children plus two beautiful step-children. Along the way I got my share of ups and downs, failures met insights, tears met joy, trauma met healing including restoring my body after multiple fractures of my spine and overcoming PTSD after a severe physical assault. And again, wanting to be the best mom I can be for my kids was my motivation to get out of the PTSD lock.

So it seemed natural that when more and more friends and yoga students started asking for advice for their health issues, for overcoming emotional and mental blockages, and for support to figure out the best route out of struggling into thriving that I started coaching. I published the book “Das Leben kennt den Weg”, a book about plant-based eating, pregnancy and natural childbirth, in German in 2006. This book started a wave of feedback from women – moms, midwives, women with cancer, women with hormonal imbalances and fertility issues, nurses. Today, I offer a 6-week program called “Diet & Hormonal Balance” to women.

And yes, I incorporate energy healing and intuitive guidance into my coaching. As a yoga teacher, I understand the human being as made up of different layers and to me, our energy body is just as real as our mental and physical bodies are. Keeping our energy field in balance is crucial to maintaining good health. Reading the energy body through my hands often reveals the missing piece of information that my clients simply aren’t able to word and adds the soothing, gentle, subtle touch that makes all the difference in someone’s results. 

  • Cancer taught me about the importance of clean, plant-based eating.
  • My fractured spine taught me about the necessity of exercise, in my case yoga asana, to support the body.
  • Going through a divorce, being a single, working mom for a while, struggling financially taught me to master my mental game: staying focused, being disciplined, getting my priorities and values straight, and staying committed to lifelong learning.
  • Physical assault and PTSD taught me to breathe, to soften, to feel my feelings, practice trust and gratitude and stay connected to the Divine source of us all.
  • Getting to know myself better and better prepared me to meet others with more compassion and reflecting on the different layers that were involved in my healing throughout the chapter of my life prepared me as a coach to guide others. 

While life experiences help to be a better coach, they are not enough. I realized quickly that in order to serve my clients in transforming their lives, I needed better skills. Therefore, I studied with Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Alan Hopkins, Christian Mickelsen, Lisa Powers, Bill O’Hanlon, and others. Currently, I’m working on my Ph.D. in Natural Medicine.

I am certified as

  • Brain Health Coach
  • Rapid Results Coach and Life Coach
  • Hypnotherapist (member International Hypnosis Association)
  • Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)
  • Reiki Master Teacher (RMT, member International Association of Reiki Professionals)
  • Medical Interpreter (Language Services Associates, Global Translation Institute)
  • Legal Interpreter (Registered Court Interpreter with the States if Louisiana and Arkansas)


Certificates and training create a framework to set up a professional environment, and they can contribute to a toolbox. However, I tell my clients, the one most important thing is implementation. Healthy living, spirituality and intuitive guidance, personal growth, financial success – none of it works without implementing advise and insights into the daily practice, thus turning dreams into taking action.

What is your big motivation, your wonderful vision for your life? Let me help you find it, deeply connect to it, and make it happen!

Big love, 

Dr. Manja H. Podratz, Ph.D.

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Receive weekly guided meditations and guided trances to overcome trauma, free articles on energy medicine, healthy eating and the use of herbs for your continued personal growth.

Are You Ready To Elevate Your Vibe?

Receive weekly guided meditations and guided trances to overcome trauma, free articles on energy medicine, healthy eating and the use of herbs for your continued personal growth.