The 7 Doorways To Being Healthy

Being healthy is a state of being in balance physically, mentally, emotionally, in short energetically. In my practice, I offer the whole person approach of quantum medicine, and teach you

(1) How to keep the various systems in your body working in balance;

(2) How to maintain mental clarity, equanimity, and presence; and

(3) How to use the heart’s vibration to create a lifestyle that supports emotional wellbeing.

Now, that sounds pretty complex, doesn’t it? I think of our lives as being in constant flux. Everything changes all the time from hormones to moods, and from thoughts to our bodies. These changes occur in response to what is going on in our surroundings and with our own attitude. Therefore, it is beneficial when we don’t have to rely on just one tool but learn how to support yourself holistically.

On the physical level a healthy cell shows an even distribution of electrolytes. Diseased cells on the other hand show a quite chaotic state with protons and electrons being mixed up. As a consequence we can feel this state of dis-ease physically as arhythmic heart beats, a diminished ability to absorb nutrients, chronic pain, impaired sleep, lowered immune defense, or accelerated aging. Mentally we experience it as brain fog, insomnia, impaired memory, increased stress levels. Emotionally we feel it as being more irritable, anxious, and even depressed.


7 Doorways To Balanced Health

  1. Plant-based, fresh food – Eating organic fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, vegetables, and leafy greens supplies us with all the nutrients we need to nourish our bones, nerves, organs, and muscles tissues. This is the real reason why not to eat dead food such as processed, instant, refined, nor genetically modified foods. Some plants bring their own intrinsic healing properties such as certain herbs or fruit. I gladly teach about their culinary and folk medicinal use.
  2. Energy medicine – One of my favorite modalities is reiki. Reiki helps to clear energetic blockages on all levels mentioned above. During a reiki session a mild electromagnetic field is being induced which helps to clear your magnetic field. Thus reiki brings our cells back into energetic balance, while it relaxes body and mind. This is very similar to how PEMF devices work. Read more about how Reiki works in my blog. Learn how our endocrine and our chakra system are connected.
  3. Breath work – We breathe day and night with or without realizing that it supplies us with energy. Ancient Sanskrit and Chinese scriptures teach breathing techniques that allow us to cultivate life energy in our bodies. We can actually regulate the flow of energy by consciously directing our breath through our inner channels.
  4. Movement – Daily movement is very important to our wellbeing. It’s not just about reaching an optimal weight or following a body-image-based fitness trend. It’s about cleansing and recharging our very own magnetic field. We need to maintain a certain strength of electrical current in our bodies to stay youthful and healthy. Movement through the Earth’s magnetic field generates the energy that is necessary for our cell communication and regeneration.
  5. Prayer – No matter if practiced in form of expressing gratitude, forgiveness, setting a heart-felt intention, or chanting joyfully, prayer is a beautiful and necessary way to connect with our Divine Source.
  6. Meditation – Guided imagery, Tibetan meditation, and yoga nidra are proven tools to release fear. Fears of feelings, daily worries are our biggest obstacle when it comes to reconnecting to love as the essential healing and life supporting vibe. Let me help you to establish not only a regular meditation practice but learn how to access both deeper and higher levels of your self.
  7. Guided hypnotic trances – While coaching usually focusses forward from now on, it is sometimes necessary to release traumatic memories and cut energetic cords to past experiences before healing can happen. Hypnotic trances can be used to win our subconscious as a powerful ally. Our subconscious doesn’t run out of willpower as our conscious mind does. It simply follows what it deems to be true. Hence program your subconscious to change bad habits, and realize your life’s purpose.


Choose One Doorway and Trust That Your Path Will Lead You to Completeness

The ancient yogic and Vedic scriptures say that it doesn’t matter which aspect of the practice we choose as a starting point as long as we devote ourselves whole-heartedly and regularly to it. Therefore, as a beginner you are free to choose if prayer resonates more with you than movement, or healthy eating more than breath work. It doesn’t matter if your initial motivation is to improve your physical strength or to grow spiritually, because sooner or later you will find that one doesn’t go without the other.

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